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Your Social Proof Toolkit

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proofcred feedback notification

Traction Booster

We show your website visitors how many people signed or purchased your product in the last day, week or month.

Share Promotional Offers

This is the quickest and easiest way to share promotional offers with your users. Use Coupon codes and Countdown timer notifications to effectively reach masses.

Collect Feedback

Get an honest feedback from your users about their experience of your website Use quick feedback features like emoji feedback and NPS score feedback by ProofCred.

Email/Phone Number Collector

Collect email addresses of website visitors for your mailing list or to just contact them later. Use our email collector, countdown collector and contact support notifications.

Why does your business need ProofCred?

3 reasons why you should add ProofCred to your landing pages, pricing page and checkouts…

Increase conversions

Social validation and FOMO will convert more visitors into leads and customers.

Save on acquisition

Your online advertising spend will be more efficient than ever before

Build credibility

Show visitors how popular your offer to increase trust & brand leadership.

ProofCred is a no-brainer for increasing your conversion.

Increase your website conversions by automatically displaying social proof.